Monday, March 16, 2015

Bands no longer on the run

No doubt you remember our brief side-project punk band, the "Turds Of Misery" as well as our association with ultimate rock frontman Freddie Mercury of Queen along with sharing our tastes in all kinds of popular music. Well, what you may not know is that The Unbelievables are not the only crime fighting organization with ties to the world of music. You would probably be downright shocked to find out just how many popular bands and musicians are actually deep under cover in their own pursuit of truth, justice and all the various sundry items that follow. Here are just a few, all no longer active for any number of reasons because of course we're not going to blow someone's operation, duh. But these are all very successful entertainers whose records you no doubt own, and even more successful good guys.

Phillip, Frank, Dan and Gary. These guys weren't investigators or fighters but were absolutely unparalleled when it came to interrogation. I can't really describe their signature technique but if you ever found yourself on the wrong end of it (so to speak), it's unlikely you'd ever forget it. They also relied on a variation of the classic "Good Cop/Bad Cop" scenario, making it more like "Good Cop/Bad Cop/Eh-He's-Okay Cop/Dear-God-No!-Why?-WHY?!? Cop"

Oh wait. I might have spoken too soon. These guys (from L to R: Teddy, Gary, Wayne, Roger and Goob as 'The Goobster') were good at their jobs and fine musicians but they were assembled during the Nixon administration to infiltrate and report on Native American organizations, and that was all very...unfortunate. This was, to say the least, not a well thought-out plan and the less said about it, and them, the better.

Ah yes, "The Squeaky Clean Teen Machine". This was kind of a "21 Jump Street" deal, where these crimefighters relied on their unusually youthful appearances to work their way into high schools and get beat up a lot. Hard to believe that of these four (from L to R: Gary, Alana, Jimmy and Claire), Jimmy was the youngest at 35 when this picture was taken. They had a long run... maybe too long. Time caught up to them and was not kind, as seen below.
From L to R: Gary, Claire, Alana and Jimmy, who had somehow become two years older than everybody else in the band (and Jewish) when this photo was taken, by which time their ability to pass as teenagers had almost completely disappeared. Except for Claire. In adult films.

There are so many more. The fellas will fill you in later this week.

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