Monday, March 2, 2015

Hacked Off

Hi folks. Glad to be back! As you may have noticed last week, the blog was "hacked" by that pestilent pipe-smoking toddler Henri Petit.

Or so he thought.

He couldn't have been more wrong. 

We had been monitoring his attempts to wrest control of our systems from our grip and decided - what the hell, let's let him. We could use a week off and besides, we made sure that he couldn't get into any of the important stuff. How, you ask? Well, we don't put any of the important stuff on computer - that's just asking for trouble in this day and age. No, we rely on the old-fashioned ways to store all of our secret dossiers, files, tax returns, receipts, coupons clipped from the newspaper etc.

The UnbelievaOrganizer.

Plus, we have Gerta, our UnbelievaBabe secretary, to help find files when they go astray.

See, the mistake Petit made was thinking that we were all hi-tech and had everything backed up on state-of-the-art computers. Well, that's exactly what we wanted him to think. Truth is, while he was bragging, gloating and generally givin' it large on the blog about how clever he was and how dumb we are, he was secretly cursing the fact that all he could do was write blog posts and play games. There was nothing else for him to hack into. And by the time his silly hacking machine had given up and our computer had booted him out of the system, all he had actually achieved was to beat Michael's highscore on Minesweeper. But don't worry. that'll soon be rectified, too.

So you'll be glad to know that here at the Unbelievabase, things are back to (relatively) normal.

Don't ask.

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