Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Unbelieva-Tips #'s 4 - 9

Following Jeff's Unbelieva-Tips lead from Monday, why don't we just keep keepin' on?

Unbelieva-Tip #4: 
"Always keep'em guessing"

That's right ... and this not only works on multiple facets, on different levels and is unique when applied to different individuals, but if you play the confusion game correctly they'll never know what you're truly up to ... even when they already know. (Plus, it compliments Unbelieva-Tip #2 Jeff mentioned last post.)
"I know what you're up to, you know."
"Well ... I'm pretty certain I know what you're up to."

"Look, you can't fool me - I've seen you do this before."

"That is what you're going to do ... isn't it? "

"Okay ... give me a hint. Now. Please."


See what I mean?

Unbelieva-Tip #5: 
"It's better to remain silent and be thought a fool
rather than open your mouth and remove all doubt"

I learned this from my father who mistakenly took it as a quotation from Abraham Lincoln. Rather, it has roots courtesy of The Bible, Proverbs 17:28: "Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent and discerning if they hold their tongues."

It goes hand in hand with "always keep'em guessing" above.

Unbelieva-Tip #6: 
"You can't snow the snowman"

Think about it: You start a snowball fight with a snowman. Now ... who do you think is going to win? Enough said.

Unbelieva-Tip #7: 
"'Always' and 'Never' are absolutes.
Always remember never to use them."

No matter how you use these words, you're never going to get them right. You're always going to screw up when you commit them to print or use them as part of your regular vernacular. 

Get it? Got it? Good ...

Unbelieva-Tip #8: 
"Don't go changing to try and please me.
I love you just the way you are."

Yep ... you got it: Billy Joel. Dude was pretty wise when he wrote that and it still holds true to this very day.

If there's one thing The Unbelievables love about our foes, it's the fact they're pretty predictable. Honestly ... we love that. They do the same damned things over and over and over and over again, mixing it up only slightly to throw a wrench in the machine (they think) every once in a while. But ... they're creatures of habit. Their old ways surface and bubble to the top of the saucepan revealing who they really are. Silly villains ...

Unbelieva-Tip #9: 
"If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands."

This doesn't apply only to campfire songs you sing while sitting around roasting marshmallows, you know. It's perfect for any occasion.

Stop right in the middle of what your doing and sing it out loud ... followed, of course, by a raucous << clap, clap >> afterward. You immediately feel better. 

Because, really: Don't we all want to feel better about everything?

Next up: Clark's super Unbelieva-Tips

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