Friday, March 8, 2013

Esquivel! The Tie That Binds The Unbelievables

Music - sometimes known as "the universal language of love" (Hello, Ladies!) - is different for every single person on the planet. 

We all have our likes and dislikes, our preferences and our own personal favorites we tend to gravitate around for "ear-pleasing comfort" ... much in the same way Jeff gravitates to whipped potatoes on a Tuesday afternoon.

And I would be remiss, remiss I tell you, if I didn't call out the fact I'm not in a better group of gentlemen than amongst Clark and Jeff *sniff* when it comes to our likes in music. (*wipes solitary camaraderous tear*)

We're cut from the same cloth in many of our likes, whether they be cocktails, clothing, comestibles or conversation. But our musical tastes, well ... that's where our commonalities call home. While I never understood Clark's proclivity toward tunes such as the theme to "Gerty The Dinosaur" (the dude does dig his dinosaurs)  ...

... and while Jeff blows a mean vacuum hose (seriously ... don't ask), it's with great togetherness we employ equal affection for "The King of Space Age Pop" ... Juan Garcia Esquivel.

One of the original lounge masters, the commonly known Esquivel! is a staple throughout the halls of The Unbelieva-Base. More often than not his "Space Age Bachelor Pad Music" wafts carefreely through the air while we go about our business laughing heartily at "remember that time when ... ???" or while concocting cocktails for special guests. (Hello, Ladies!)

In the event you may not be familiar with Esquivel!, may I introduce you to some of his most delicious and enjoyable fare?

Please ... enjoy ...

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  1. Hip before it was hip to be hip. The specs, man. Those groovy goggles are ... *swoon*

    By the by, this music says Sunday afternoon to me.