Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Little Golden Boy: Chapter 2

For the most part, I've always felt a soft spot for the Little Golden Boy. I find some of his antics downright adorable. As Michael mentioned, he's really more of a prankster than a criminal, and there's something almost admirable about someone who goes to the trouble of organizing an international mob of henchmen for the sole purpose of stealing single socks from folks' laundry. Still, a criminal is a criminal and that puts us on opposite sides of the ongoing struggle between good and evil. Mostly, I see him as a tragic, conflicted figure. He honestly tries to do good but circumstances seem to constatntly conspire against him.

In spite of being born with certain afflictions (being little and golden), he refused to be limited in what he could do and through perseverance and hard work, developed into quite an athlete. He became the highest-paid trophy model in history and enjoyed a life of well-heeled luxury. However, evil trophy manufacturing executives exploited a clause in his contract and forced him to take assignments with which he wasn't comfortable, such as working in drag.

It took years of legal wrangling to get out of his contract, but eventually he was free. Of course, the downside of this hard-won freedom was finding himself without income. He refused to let this hold him back however, and made a hugely successful foray into the publishing industry.

It seemed that things were finally going the Little Golden Boy's way and that his problems were behind him. Then, allegations of racial insensitivity reared their ugly head.
The scandal was too much and the Little Golden Boy was forced to sell his company and resign in disgrace. This seemed to cause him to "snap" as he's found himself in near constant trouble ever since.

Poor little, golden bastard. He's like the Harvey "Two Face" Dent of The Unbelievables universe.

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