Monday, March 4, 2013

The Unbelievables love the classics

We, The Unbelievables, are often associated with the term "retro". I prefer the term "classic". "Retro" conjures images of  things rooted firmly in the past, whereas "classic" means something that never goes out of style, such as fashion. Still, the perception persists. For that reason, people are often surprised when we mention a fondness for the music of current artists. Well, why wouldn't we, as long as those artists are rooted in the classic aesthetic we find so attractive?
One such artist is sultry singer/songwriter Kendra Morris. She's got a classic soul-influenced sound that I find captivating.

I had heard about Kendra from various associates and went to see her perform at a lounge on the lower east side of some city or another while on a brief Unbelievacation. I ordered a Tanqueray with a Cold Duck chaser (classic!). Kendra was on stage with her band and she was every bit as good as advertised. I was impressed, but I played it cool. She saw me, recognizing me from who knows where, and cut her set short. She came off the stage and approached me at the bar. "Clark, I really like those pants that you're wearing today... you could hide an army of tiny men under the bells! Do you sew? Could you make me a pair??". Nice. Not only a classic voice but an eye as well. I was even more impressed. And everybody knows I never refuse a request to make a woman a pair of pants.

I consider it a code to live by
 After a little more small talk, she let me know about her real problem. "My tortoise Melvin has informed me that he would like to join your league of high fashion male model crime fighters. Although he doesnt have thumbs, he has somehow mastered Instagram selfie photography and duck face. Would you be interested in this? He is pissed at me for not writing a song about his shell and says he doesn't want to live with me any longer." As it turns out, human-animal domestic counselling is something of a hobby of mine, along with songwriting, so I was able to resolve the situation with this song I wrote...

"A tortoise can be anything he wants.
A firefighter or an astronaut.
An Unbelievable or a Hong Kong fighter.
Or even a roommate for a singer/songwriter.

Oh whoa whoa whoa Melvin
You've got a really nice shell (vin)
On a scale of one to ten, it's a twelve (vin)
Keep on being true to your self (vin)

(spoken) Oh Melvin,
Believe me, I know living with Kendra isn't always easy.
But don't be too hard on her. She's only human after all.
Besides, you're going to live to be three or four hundred years old
And that's a mighty long time to stay pissed at someone.

Oh whoa whoa whoa Melvin
You've got a really nice shell (vin)
I wish it was a scratch and smell (vin)
You got me under your spell (vin)"

Of course, it worked like a charm and Kendra and Melvin are still together today. This has allowed Kendra to concentrate fully on her creative pursuits. You can buy her latest album "Banshee" at her official site, as well as on iTunes and Amazon. To date, she has not recorded a studio version of "Melvin". But if you attend one of her live gigs, request it and see what happens!

Later this week, Jeff and Michael will share their classic favorite artists with you!

(The Unbelievables would like to thank Ms. Morris for writing her own dialogue for this chapter!)

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