Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Life Hack: Comestibles!

Jeff's right: The butt-kicking part is exciting ... but those interminable times in between can sometimes be torture. Thank God for the 70s.

But Glam Rock wasn't the only thing that turned our crank. The basics of life have to be taken into consideration as well. After all: You don't take care of the body, the body doesn't take care of you. And that can only mean one thing (beside Glam Rock):


Sustenance! Eats! The fuel that makes life possible!

And again, given the often odd hours we keep on the job, it isn't easy to pop into a local diner for a sit-down meal. That's where my Unbelievable Life Hacks come into play such as ...

Shepherd's Pie

Honestly, you can tailor a Shepherd's Pie around lots of meats and vegetables. Prepared beforehand, it's a tasty energy-lending meal perfect for the "hurry up and wait" duties we often find ourselves embroiled in. Any kind of meats, any assortment of accompanying vegetables, all encased in gravy and Jeff's signature whipped potatoes and << BOOM! >> problem solved. Kept warm and toasty in a casserole oven mitt, this delectable dish helps us settle in for any stake out length. Mmmm, mmmmmmmmm good.


My basic recipe is this: Fry up some garlic salt, onions and parsley in oil until the onions are caramelized, toss in a dozen scrambled eggs, let set a bit on the stove, pile on the crumbled hot Italian sausage, lots of thinly sliced tomatoes, julienned spinach, a helping heaping of shredded pepperjack and bake in the oven until melty and << VOILA! >> instant classic! The beauty of a frittata is that it can be eaten hot or cold; it doesn't matter. Deliciousness through and through! Use your imagination and frittata ingredients possibilities are endless!

Cole Slaw, Potato Salad, Macaroni Salad

Again, inventiveness is the key here. These three side dishes, done correctly, can sustain the hungriest superhero and can add pizzazz to any quick meal ... or be made to serve as a nice, light main dish all on its ownsome. All you need is a spork and you're in business!

Beef Jerky

A mainstay of clandestine observation, to be certain. (Preferably the hot and peppered kind.) Just as important as coffee. Sometimes even more so.

Hey ... The Unbelievables are people, too, just like you! We have wants and needs when we're on the sly to help keep us ready and alert while on the job. And proper nourishment? That's where it's at!

Unbelievable Life Hacks? Shared.

You're welcome, world. 

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