Wednesday, October 22, 2014

An Unbelievable optical illusion... kind of

Because (believe it or not, younger readers) there was a time when certain styles were associated, and confined to, certain ethnic groups.
Well, guess what? Your beloved Unbelievables never subscribed to that ridiculous point of view. We are almost always guided and influenced by style and if something looks good, then it looks even better on us. Whether we're busting jive turkeys in an alley in Harlem, chasing the Yakuza on motorcycles through the streets of Tokyo or seducing military secrets from a contessa in Florence, we're going to dress the part and you know we're going to look sharp doing it, just because that's who we are. Whatever it takes to get the job done. It sounds simple, doesn't it? For us, it is. Not everybody can pull it off though.
This montage captures the essence of the Unbelievables like none other.

You see, for us, this is life, not a lifestyle. It's the difference between putting on some clothes...
And wearing them. You dig?
This is the simplest explanation we can offer as to why our appearance seems to change in different photographs, based on what is happening in those photos.

The point of all this is, sometimes you might think we look like this...

While other times, it may appear to you that we look like this...

But we are always this...
I mean, each of us being a cool dude with at least two hot ladies, not that one of us is a cool dude and the other two are hot ladies. Maybe I should have found a better picture. Maybe Jeff can salvage this on Friday.

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