Monday, April 14, 2014

Villains Row

It's come to The Unbelievables' attention our followers would like a "showcase" of some of the villains we come up against.

So being the giving and stylish fellows we are (It's our nature!), we've added a new page to the site. 

See the tabs at the top of this page? (What?!? You didn't know there were clickable tabs up there? If not, you certainly haven't been paying much attention to our blog, have you?) You'll notice there's a brand new tab thrown into the mix: Villains Row.

From time to time - and specifically this week as introduction to this new feature - Clark, Jeff and I will be "highlighting" our adversaries.

First up? Our most recent tormenter Negative Charge who unceremoniously shut the lights out on us last week.

Check the page periodically from here on out. We'll include bios, tidbits, tales and snippets on those we've countered previously as well as some surprises here and there. 

Plus, as new information comes forth on some rival or another, the page will be updated ... or in the event there's information The Unbelievables feel you need to know about somebody planning monkey business.

Please enjoy!

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