Friday, April 4, 2014

Rasputin rewound

As we tried and tried to make sense of this mystery, which I originally thought went no further than "Michael went to a record store", we were getting more and more frustrated as clues refused to reveal themselves. That's when I noticed the backward facing 'N' in the Rasputin logo. "Of course!", I yelled. "The true meaning of a song and its lyrics can't be found until it's played backwards!". Jeff then told me to stop yelling because he had gone to bed. I didn't have to worry about disturbing Michael because it was Tuesday and he was with his nude badmitton league, which always seemed to run late, presumably because everyone was incapacitated by giggles anytime someone said 'shuttlecock'.
At any rate, I went to Michael's room with the Boney M record "Rasputin", put it on Michael's turntable and manually spun the disc in reverse...

No deirrac he woh smahs a saw ti
Enihcam evol tsetaerg s'aissur
Egon saw yllaer taht tac a saw ereht
Neeuq Naissur eht fo revoL

Erised dluow nemow
Rehcaet fo dnik eht saw osla eh tub
Erif dna ycatsce fo lluf
Rehcaerp a ekil elbib eht hcaerp dluoc eh
Raed ylevol a hcus saw eh skcihc
Raef htiw dna rorret htiw mih ta dekool elpoep tsom
Wolg gnimalf a seye sih ni ,gnorts dna gib saw eh
Oga gnol Aissur ni nam niatrec a devil ereht

Okay, so the devil pops up in the last (first) line and there's a couple references to saws and evil but most of it sounds like haunted cats in heat. Total dead end. I guess if there's any kind of nefarious plot, it would be that the Russians, via Rasputin Music in San Francisco and Boney M, wanted Michael's turntable broken because that's the end result.

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