Monday, January 13, 2014

Top 3 Tunes

This week being a slow news week, coupled with the fact that we're working on a huge huge mega-big really really really top tip top secret case, (plus being fresh out of ideas), we thought we'd ask some of our showbiz friends a random question and see what they came up with. The question we chose was: What are your three favourite albums of all time? We were allowed to pick one celeb each out of a hat (a very stylish fedora). I dug deep into the fedora and came up with Björk.

She's pretty bonkers, right? So you'd expect her selections to be pretty random, correct? Well, they are. But not really in the way you might think. Here we go...


Lionel Blair's Aerobic Dancing LP. Of this, she says, "Stomping tunes, cardboard hair and tight shorty shorts. What more can one ask for?" What indeed?


Peter Hayward, King Of The Keys. "He's the king, no question. He can press my keys anytime." Wow. Just wow.


The Knipp Family - A trip around the world with Father, Mother and 6 daughters. "They may look like six men in matching skirts and headscarves who could have come from an Eastern European turnip field, but they sing like angels."

Well, what can one say? Tune in on Wednesday when Clark will be dialling in his celeb's choice.

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