Wednesday, September 4, 2013

What's in a name anyway?

Michael's right, there were more... and worse... names that came out of those "brainstorming" sessions. "The Uncles", "The BUnny Rabbits" and "The SUnshine Boys" among them. You might be wondering why bother with a group name at all. Everyone knows us as Clark, Jeff and Michael anyway. True to a point. Still, branding is important. You want something that sounds cool when your enemies are cursing you after you've ruined their schemes. Try to imagine a defeated villain, bruised, battered and on his knees with the wreckage of his man-eating helicopter strewn about, screaming to the heavens, "Noooooooooo!!! Those three guys whose individual names I am too angry to recall at the moment!! I shall have my revenge, Carl, Jerry and Mark or whatever". That just isn't cool for anybody involved.
Having a team name allows you to name your stuff. Instead of "a motorcycle three guys can ride around in" this is "The Unbelieva-cycle"
Jeff and Michael fight over the two seats in the sidecar. No matter to me since I'm driving.

This is no mere supercomputer, it's the Unbelieva-puter
Yes, it takes up an entire room and yes, it needs to be that big.

And these aren't just babes. They're Unbelieva-babes!
Hello ladies!
Hopefully, you get the Unbelieva-idea.

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