Wednesday, September 11, 2013

U Can't Touch The Unbelievables

Well, I'm MC Jeff, I'm really mellow
I'm a cold Unbelievable fellow
Rappin' in da place to be
'Bout issues that affect you and me
I got my homies here, they're so so def
Clark is on my right, Michael to my lef'
So what's the story, what's to do
What makes me tick is what's buggin' you
So I'll tell ya a story, bust some rhymes
If y'all can spare a little time...

So began the song I had planned for the B-side to what would have been our first single, had it not been for some unscrupulous A&R man mixing up our demo tape with a tape belonging to some chappie named James Todd Smith. Oh yeah, that's right. We wanted the fame, the glory, to be rap stars. We knew all the lingo. 

Now you say it. Ghet-to-bla-ster!

We totally dug the fashions. They were so dope, weren't they?

That's hype!

Hellloo, ladies...


The upshot? Smith got a record deal, and we were back to playing shopping malls. Well, I say playing.. I don't mean officially playing... it was more like busking, really. Wasn't really paying the bills, yo. Which is when we hit upon the idea of travelling around with the Unbelievabox, doing on-the-spot PSAs as Clark revealed in Monday's post. Much more satisfying and helpful, on the whole. I'll let Michael explain more about the world of hip-hop and get back to listening to this fresh new rhyme on my Walkman. "Said a hip, hop, get hip to the hippy..."

P.S. Oh, and James Todd Smith? What the heck happened to him?

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