Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Accoutrements Not Needed

Chain Gag was one of our more notorious foes. But that was a long, long time ago.

And, really, he wasn't that much of a foe.

The most notorious thing about him was simply all that sparkling hardware. In the glaring sun, it was difficult to read him. But ... it was easy to see where he was at any point in time. And that was our advantage.

"The Unbelievables claim they're suave and fashion-conscious but your lack of jewelry says otherwise!" Chain Gag boasted once.


Because as he was yelling this at us, one of his nose rings broke when it caught in one of his bracelets and beads and bangles went flying everywhere.

"My beloved prop!" he yelled out, immediately dropping to his knees to save what he could of trinkets that went rolling every which way. Needless to say it was easy to defeat him while he was on the ground searching for baubles.

Which coincidentally led to another Unbelievable fan letter asking why we didn't wear any sort of jewelry - chains, necklaces, armbands, pins, etc. The response was the (brief) tale about Chain Gag.

I mean, really ... if The Unbelievables looked like this ...

... would we be as loved as we are? Or this?


 How about this?

(Much as we love Flavor Flav, Flav's got a style all his own ... but it's not our style.)

Really? All we need is a simple watch and we're good.

The guys will tell you other jewelry no-no's of ours and the reasons we stay far away from them.

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