Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Dr. Hardick, Celebrity

Even funnier than our doctor's name was the way we went about picking him:

Randomly. Out of the phone book.

We moved into the Unbelieva-base and immediately found out we needed more than state-of-the-art anti-crime electronics and a hydraulic pop-up bar.

"Guys? I need to go to the doctor. It's way past time for my annual. Plus it's about the only place I can go in public around here and not have to wear pants," I told the guys one day.

"You have a doctor here in Stiletto Flats already?" Clark asked. "That was fast. I didn't realize you'd had the time to scare one up ..."

"I haven't. But I need to. I saw an office downtown the other day. I might as well just pop in there and see what it's like ..."

"Better idea!" shouted Jeff. "Let's do this the old fashioned way: Random phone book drawing!"

Clark and I looked at each other, then back at Jeff. "Brilliant!" we said in unison.

It just so happened there were a couple brand new phone books delivered and waiting for us when we first moved in. (Funny how that happens - the only things in a new place are usually a phone book and a roll of toilet paper, essentials for new owners as they first step into a new home or business.) We decided each of us would take the book, open a random page, plant a finger somewhere on it and circle whatever we came up with. Talk about your tried and true methodologies!

But when we'd written the final three down on a sheet of paper, it wasn't even a contest.
Someone exclaimed "Oh, hell yeah!" and that was it. We had our winner: B.J. Hardick.

We reasoned anyone with a name like that had to be upstanding and professional, not to mention ballsy as all get out.

It was even decided all three of us would go in at the same time for physicals.* (Might as well get'em out of the way chop-chop.) Needless to say, we immediately hit it off with Dr. Hardick.

Fast forward to the present day.

Dr. Hardick has gone on to world-wide acclaim as the personal physician of The Unbelievables.

Some of the benefits of his association with us? Television appearances on all the big talk shows, international lectures, book deals with whirlwind signing tours, lucrative endorsements and more. The world is now his oyster.

Just one of the many advantages of being associated with us. You're welcome, Dr. B.J Hardick.

Oh ... and his chuckle-inducing name? It's never come into question since. (Though, some of that fame and fortune did go to his head briefly at one point: He had inklings of wanting to revert back to his given name, I Sawyer-Bitz. Fortunately, we talked him out of that decision which could have been a monumental professional disaster.)

*Side Note: That first meeting is where Jeff got a bit googly over his assisting nurse, Angie O'Gram ... something he "conveniently" failed to mention. But that's another story entirely.

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