Saturday, April 23, 2016

Unbelievable... And Yet Believable

Y'know, there's a reason we're called The Unbelievables, beyond the fact that we thought it sounded cool, and the fact that we are all three unbelievably handsome, unbelievably strong, unbelievably skilful with a firearm, unbelievably good at UnbelievaFu, unbelievably modest and self-effacing etc.

It's because even though most of our adventures sound Unbelievably outlandish, silly, made up, or as some would say, UNBELIEVABLE, they are all 100% true, not made up, completely devoid of fiction. Really.

Like the time we defeated the Giant Silly Putty Blob Monster of Sandusky...

Stand well back, ma'am. The Unbelievables are here!

We got this! 

Then there was the time we captured rogue hairdresser Shadie McQuade, the woman responsible for a host of silly hairstylist names, like "Hair-Berdashery", "Cutting Crew", "Hair It Iz", and the like. We snared her using only a clothes line and some pegs.

Then there was the time when we successfully rounded up the Chintz Brothers, a pair of crooks whose specialty was disguising themselves as items of furniture.

Can you see them in this photo?

And let's not forget the Attack of The Giant Chickens. (Well, not so much an attack, really - a farmer breeding huge hens failed to recognise the sheer brute strength of outsized poultry and they busted through the fence and made a break for it. We were drafted in to round them up, and that's me you can see riding on the back of Meredith. We briefly dated afterwards, but it didn't work out. I am a handsome, rich, playboy crimefighter who loves jazz and poetry and long walks on the beach, whereas she is AN ENORMOUS CHICKEN).

We also have arch-villains and nemeses we haven't even talked about yet in these here pages. People such as...

The Amazing Bird Dude (we've told him before his name is silly, but he refuses to change it.)

The Pink Nightmare. Still just 13 and as evil as they come.

The Lawn Sisters. Yes, sisters.

Pimpmarshal Pimp the Pimpinator.

Ked Nelly, the Bucket Bandit.

The Middle-Aged Rubbish Stupid Turtles. Need we say more?
So you see, a lot of what we go through on a regular basis can sound like completely daft fiction, stuff from the realms of wacky fantasy. But rest assured, it's all true. That's why we are..


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