Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Unbelieva-Conned? Nah.

Let me just preface this piece by saying that I was against the Unbelieva-Con idea from the get-go. I still maintain that it is just a cold, cynical, money-making, T-shirt-selling exercise that does nothing to further the cause of the Unbelievables, namely crime-fighting. All it does is make money, which we don't need, because we are all three independently wealthy. So what is the point? I don't know, because I was outvoted two to one.

"This kind of fanfest is all the rage now, Jeff," intoned Michael. "It like, lets the fans know we care, and stuff."

I actually snorted. "Like they didn't know that?! I hold that the entire reason for our existence is because we care! We care so much we decided to fight crime. That's caring for you, dammit!"

But no matter what I said, I got shouted down. Unbelieva-Con was a go, and nothing I could do would stop it.

"Besides, we've already hired the Stiletto Flats Convention Center and everything," said Clark. "If we cancel now, we'll lose our deposit."

"Not to mention disappointing our legions of fans" added Michael.

So, it is with heavy-hearted resignation that I announce our dumb ol' convention, coming soon. I have been told I have to host a half-dozen or so workshops, including one about whipped potatoes. So I decided that if I have to do it, I should at least make the rest of them interesting to do. So it is with great pleasure I can tell you that, should you choose to attend Unbelieva-Con, you can sign up for some great Jeff-hosted workshops and seminars, including but not limited to:

(1) Hi-Fi Appreciation:

(2) Check Strides: Join The Revolution

(3) Home Decor The Unbelieva-Way

(4) Form Your Own Male Vocal Group

(5) Co-ordinates For Modern Couples

(6) Setting Up Your Home Bar

(7) Lights Of The Future... Now!

As you can see, at $5 a pop, these Jeffinars™ represent real VFM (that's Value For Money, folks).

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