Friday, January 8, 2016


How does one celebrate 500 adventures? How does one celebrate 500 anything?

Well, Hampton Court Palace in England celebrated its 500-year anniversary by knocking together a few fake coaches and sticking them on the lawn...

Adam Richman celebrated his 500-pound weight loss by, um, getting naked.

Perez Hilton celebrated his 500 kilo weight loss by opening his mouth really wide. (Nothing unusual there).

So what did I do?

First, I hopped into my Galaxie 500...

where I listened to Peter, Paul and Mary singing 500 Miles.

Then I switched gears a little by getting into my Fiat 500...

and listening to some Galaxie 500.

Then, I went into the kitchen and perused one of my Christmas presents,

after which I went and sat in the lounge to read another good book.

Then it was time for some more music.

and one more for luck.

Five x 100 Years = 500 Years.

Then I went to bed. All that math is exhausting!

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