Monday, September 7, 2015

Happy end-of-summer, campers!

Well, it's Labor Day and you know what that means; the end of another fun-packed session at Camp Unbelievable. Because summer is over now.

And what a summer it has been! Kids who came to us back in June as basically worthless, little, high-functioning lumps with hair sticking out, if I can be totally honest about the whole thing, learning skills that will actually make them productive members of society! The kids learned all about...
Rope holding

Having exactly two friends to have adventures with, but not more than that because two is exactly enough, unless it's a celebrity or some one-off character brought into things for the sake of making a particular story more entertaining (who might actually die at some point in that story), although that's not the kind of thing you want to do too often because it becomes a kind of crutch and results in lazy and manipulative storytelling.

Mastery of weapons. All of the weapons.

Satellite repair

Man stacking

Plutonium stacking

Human battering ram

How to properly tie a bow tie

Of course, anyone who ever attended summer camp knows a lot more goes on there than participating in activities. A lot more! 

And Michael and Jeff will tell you all about it later this week!

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