Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Visually Similar

On Monday, Clark was discussing the case of Walter Palmer, the lion-murdering scumbag dentist from Minnesota (if you don't know who he is, how are you even on the internet right now?) and how we Unbelievables are pitching in and helping to locate this king-sized douchenozzle. Clark wondered why this guy looked familiar, and posited the theory that we have perhaps had a previous run-in with this armpit stain of a man.

Well, I immediately headed to the computers for a look through the files, but nope. No luck. So then I thought I'd try the fount of all human knowledge, the Interwebs.

In particular, the great function produced by right-clicking on an image.

That's right. The bottom one.
When I searched for that image of Mr. I Killed A Lion, Isn't My Penis Huge? represented at the top of this page on Google, it gave me several different sizes of that same image. Then it gave me several 'visually similar' images. That's right, lots of pics of bald guys with glasses on. It wasn't much to go on, but it was a start. Trouble is, there are lots of people who look similar. On the plus side though, it allowed me to eliminate a lot of folks from our enquiries.


There were even a few girls.

Well, now. We may have to investigate this one a little further (Hello, ladies!!!).
After much sifting, there were a few red flags. These are pending further investigation.

Looks shifty.

Something not quite right about this one.


Now we may be getting somewhere.

I think I sense a pattern here.
Michael will give you more info on Friday. Till then... ciao!

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