Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Well, we knew we'd find out eventually who the utter pain was that had been leaving us notes. Oh, we made sure that that person would eventually have to cross swords with us, because we started to become extra-annoying in a bid to push this person's buttons just a little bit more. We cranked the volume on the Blaupunkt up to 11, stuck this note in the same place they were leaving notes...

and waited for the inevitable excrement to hit the air-conditioning.


Little did we expect THIS.

Larry Scheeble. Yes, THE Larry Scheeble. Larry Scheeble, the nerd that Michael did merciless dead-on impersonations of when we were all at Camp Action! when we were young'uns. Suffice to say, when Larry came a-knockin' on our door to complain in person about our noise and shenanigans, we were shocked, stunned and surprised. And a little embarrassed.

What was really surprising, however, was what Larry had to say to us...

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