Wednesday, December 18, 2013

It's Party Time: An Unbelievaku

The haiku.
No other form of poetry requires so much discipline, yet allows for so much freedom of expression. Of course, the Unbelieva-ku requires seven times more discipline and results in seven times more fantastic-ness.
Here's one about our social gatherings...

Party time again
at the Unbelieva-base.
I can't wait! Such fun!

Jeff is mixing drinks,
Clark's serving appetizers,
Michael has no pants.

Coats lay on a bed.
Jaccuzzi bubbles away.
Keys are in a bowl.

Shag carpeting makes
static electricity.
Shocks await us all!

This DJ's music
is the best there could be. Hey!
Eric Clapton's here!!

What could be more fun?
Dance and drink and eat and sex
Oops. Wait a minute

Something is missing
Don't know what... the doorbell rings
Well, hello ladies!

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