Monday, July 22, 2013

Clark's Missing!

This week, folks, Clark is out of town. AWOL. Gone troppo. He's missing. Well, not exactly missing as such. Michael and myself know where he is. Roughly. He's out of town hosting a couple Unbelievinars™.

NB: Not an Unbelievinar™.
But Clark has a very special reason for hosting Unbelievinars™. He loves the buffet.

And who can blame the man? Practically free food you can go and help yourself to time and time again? Why the heck not?

But our Clark is somewhat of a connoisseur of buffets, and we can reveal that his Unbelievinar™-hosting mission is a mere cover for his secret hobby: buffet-spotting. Yes, some people are planespotters, some are trainspotters, and Clark is a buffetspotter. Some of his favourites are shown here in pages from his buffetspotting scrapbook.

Hello, ladies!

I said helllo, ladies!
Who knows what delights he will sample on his culinary adventures? What pictures will he bring back? What will he cross off his list of "Buffet Foods I Have Wolfed Down"? Will it be...

Veal Burgundy?

Louisiana Hot Pot?

Or Sausage Meat Tree?
Join us on Wednesday for more. Till then - ciao, babies.

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