Tuesday, October 18, 2016

We Got Some 'Splainin' To Do

The other day at the UnbelievaBase, an odd piece of mail arrived. It looked like any other letter, except that all that was inside the envelope was a handful of black-and-white photographs, with a small Post-it note with the scribbled message "Explain these away, Unbelieva-dummies!"

Well, as we pored over the pictures, we each tried to come up with an explanation for what were quite unusual photos. Here are my best guesses:

This is a picture of an ancient ritual, now lost in the mists of time, known as the Cheerleader War Dance-Off-A-Thon. Opposing teams of cheerleaders would line up and do their best scary intimidating moves until one by one the teams would drop out due to exhaustion and/or intimidation. These War Dance-Off-A-Thons could go on for days.

Here we see famed tattooed lady Millie O'Nair showing off her ink to a jealous sailor who had just been ripped off fifty bucks for a 3-inch tat of a Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer on a sensitive area.

Crazy courting couple Jack DeLadd and Carrie Doesntlivehereanymore, inventors of the sport of bowling pin dodging.  You stand next to the bowling pins until the very last moment when you leap out of the way. Oh, what fun.

Rare photo of GM's short-lived Instalment plan whereby you paid for your car in instalments and received the car in instalments. Never really took off since most people really can't afford the payments on a car anyway, so most never got much further than this,which explains all the half-built cars sitting around in old people's garages.
Well, those are my theories. Michael and Clark will have theirs later in the week, by which time we hope to have figured out (a) who sent us the letter, and (b) what the point of the entire exercise was in the first place.

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