Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Send in us to get those clowns

"Fortunately, The Unbelievables know how to deal with these types of weirdos ..." - Michael, here, Monday

Yes, yes we do.
In fact, this group reminds me of a similar outfit that went around causing mayhem for no good reason than their own entertainment that we dealt with just about a year ago: The Leapers.
Remember these obnoxious buffoons?
The SILLYs (Society of Idiotic Ludicrous and Laughable Yucksters) might see a tad more menacing, due to America's current obsession with scary clowns that is almost certainly a massive hoax and the popularity of a certain unkillable GC Comics/Movies villain.
Different versions of The Jokester, arch-nemesis of Flying Rodent Man
Other than that, they're basically the same. Goofballs whose idea of a good time is putting on outfits and running around like a bunch of idiots, trying to ruin everybody else's good times. And the way we brought The Leapers back to earth (heh!) was building a trap. It worked then, no reason it won't work this time.

The question remains, what kind of trap will we use to round up The SILLYs?
Jeff will have your answer Friday!

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