Monday, September 5, 2016

Life Hacks: Tiredness

 "Dear Unbelievables, 

How do you cope with the long and thankless hours your job must have?


Bill Ding."

For years, we struggled with tiredness. We keep such odd hours, you see. Long periods of no bad guys to dispose of followed by short bursts of kicking butt, followed by yet more watching and waiting. It messes with your Circadian rhythms, it really does.

We found that even given our propensity to ingest larger than normal doses of coffee and No-Doz, we still had a hard time maintaining full attention when manning the Unbelieva-phone or staking out some crooked geezer or another. 

Suddenly the 1970s rolled around, and the music scene changed. New bands with dinosaur rhythms and bad haircuts appeared and made teenage girls wet themselves with glee. But what we discovered was the striking effect their recordings had on us Unbelievables. Yes, now it can be told. It's finally declassified information that what stopped our snoozes was GLAM ROCK!

It happened completely by accident.We were simply trying to find some music on the radio during a stakeout when we heard "Shang-A-Lang" by none other than the Bay City Rollers (who, I am sure, had never been to Bay City, or even done much Rolling)!

The perky effect it had on us made us crave more and more, until eventually we had bought out most of the stock of the local record store in Stiletto Flats. Once hooked, we bought up everything by T-Rex, Bowie, Mud, Sweet, Mott The Hoople, Nazareth, Alvin Stardust, Slade and Alice Cooper, plus many more besides.

Even now, if we feel like we're flagging, we simply put on a disc by The Glitter Band 

and we are transformed! From this....

to this!

The others will dispense more sage advice later in the week.

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