Monday, September 12, 2016

It's Time For More Top Tips!

Wow! Those Unbelievable "Life Hacks" were stupendous, weren't they?

Of course they were! We don't put valuable information out there like that just to slog useless trivia around, you know! We're all about helping you, Mr. and Mrs. J.Q Public, because that's the sort of guys The Unbelievables are. You're welcome, folks!

That being said, why not segue from last week into a feature we haven't done in quiet some time? That's right ... it's time for more Unbelievable Top Tips!

Bonus: All photos following come from my personal collection of shutter clicks!* Lucky you!

Let's get on with it, shall we?

Top Tip #1

If you have an opinion and you're going to "put it out there" do so with passion and flair. Of course you can be a bit boastful and daring (nothing wrong with that) but you don't have to be a jerk about it. Example? This shirt. It expresses your opinion perfectly without forcing anyone to agree with it. It's your opinion after all.

Go ahead. Wave that freak flag ...

Top Tip #2

It's a given: Ball pits rock. I don't care if you're 3 or 83, jumping into one elicits a kind of euphoric high.

But if the fabric is peeling material, it's been repaired with duct tape, has worn and torn sides and appears in general disrepair like the one above? You may want to think twice before taking a flying leap into it.

Because ... germs. Viruses. Pathogens. Necrotising faciitis (more commonly known as flesh eating disease). *ewwww*

Top Tip #3

You decide to open a restaurant. Good for you. You devise a menu along with a takeout version for the on-the-go consuming public. Super.

The tip? Do yourself a favor: Proof that menu. 

Don't be like the Grand China Chinese Cuisine joint above. Your "fowl" selections shouldn't be showcased with "foul" screaming at you. You don't need to advertise to your customers their choice will be "served tou (sic) you on a hot plate." Resist the temptation to force them into the belief "you will enjoy" the food. Of course they'll enjoy it! You're not serving crappy food, right?

Top Tip #4

Again, proofing is all important. I don't know about other parts of the world, but I'm pretty certain there's no one on Planet Earth who doesn't meet the kind of height requirement detailed on this placard.

Top Tip #5*

Reward yourself for the small things as well as the big ones. Don't short change yourself. You deserve it. And doing so works wonders on your day to day attitude.

Top Tip #6


I can't stress enough how important it is to have things you advertise to the public spelled and punctuated properly.

There's enough boneheads in the world. You don't need to contribute to their number.

Top Tip #7

Repairs to everyday things you use are worth your time and effort.

Toggle bolts to keep your headlamps attached to your vehicle? Uhmmmm ... no.

Top Tip #8

You have a Starbucks coffee Jones that hits you like a ton of bricks every weekday morning ... twice on weekends. I understand. You enjoy paying $8.00 for a half-carafe, salted soy venti (or whatever the hell their goofy sizes call out).

No matter your craving or need, there's no excuse to park like you've never taken a driver's exam because you simply have to get into the establishment and order that beverage. Your coffee Jones isn't that much of a beast.

Top Tip #9

People? No welding wheels to your car. Ever.

Top Tip #10

The packaging face clearly states "10" wide face for complete coverage." I wonder: How wide does one have to be in order for a faucet to facilitate one's girth?

Honestly: You don't need to contribute to water waste. Leave things like this on the shelves and - with a little luck - manufactures will discontinue creating such monstrosities.

Top Tip #11

I don't care who you are, you can't be too safe out there.

Like this guy ... who obviously felt the need to wear a safety helmet on board a recent flight I was on. (I was curious and almost asked him about his need for headwear ... but decided otherwise. To each his own.)

Top Tip #12

Really, there are few better tips than this ... right?

More Top Tips later in the week form Clark and Jeff! Stay tuned!

*The only Top Tip image not personally captured by me. But it illustrates the particular tip perfectly.

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