Monday, May 12, 2014

Our interplanetary pals

A lot of people wonder if we, The Unbelievables, restrict our butt-kicking crime fighting and general good guy-ery to the planet earth.  We do. Not because there isn't villainy afoot among the stars and not because we don't want to, because there is and we don't. But there are actually people better suited to that kind of thing. Specifically, our chums Captain Space and Solar Sue. What are the odds that a guy named Steve Space would grow up to be a commissioned astronaut flying around the Milky Way, busting space smugglers and battling star squids? Probably about the same as meeting a girl named Solar Sue with similar interests. Together with their cat Cosmo, they designed a crime fighting robot named Bleep-Blorp for which George Lucas should probably be thankful he hasn't been sued. Speaking of Sue, her seriously deformed left leg (injured under mysterious circumstances that Michael always refuses to discuss, for some reason) frequently leads to her being taken hostage and put in sexy metallic outfits before eventually being rescued by Captain Space, Cosmo and Bleep-Blorp. Other than those sporadic setbacks, this is a formidable team and we can all sleep better at night, knowing that they will blow up any eclipses that threaten to trigger the rise of Kraktos, The Globe Gobbler.
Let's see what Jeff and Michael have to say about these asteroidinal do-gooders!

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