Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Kraktos, Explained

Captain Space, Solar Sue and Cosmo, along with the infinitesimally astounding Bleep-Blorp, will now explain about the constant threat posed by The Globe Gobbler, Kraktos.

CAPTAIN SPACE:"Well, folks, this is Kraktos.

Kraktos is called the Globe Gobbler because, well, that's what he does. He floats around the galaxy looking for stray planets that nobody will miss much, and than, whenever he feels peckish, gobbling them."

SOLAR SUE:"You said it, Cap! He sure is a hungry one!"

COSMO:" Miaow!"

BLEEP-BLORP: "Bleep! Blorp-bleep! Blorrp!"

CAPTAIN SPACE: "Exactly. Well, a lot of good honest folks don't quite know what to make of this sort of thing. All the time I get asked questions like, 'Captain Space, why does Kraktos do what he does? Why's he so hungry all the time, Captain Space? Captain Space, what gives with this fellow?' and y'know, I understand their frustration and perplexment, I really do. And I gotta tell ya, it was something that made us scratch our ol' noggins a time or two, that's for sure!"

SS: "You said it, Cap! We didn't know what was going on!"

C:" Miaaaoowwee!!"

B-B: "Bleeepp-blip-blip-blip blorrrp bloob!"

CS: "Well, a while ago we found out more about this here Kraktos character. Turns out he started life as an Earthling - an Iowa boy to be exact. And wouldn't ya know it - his kid sister runs a little lunch counter-cum-tavern in Grafton called - wait for it -  "The Gobbler's Roost"!

Best biscuits and sausage gravy from here to Mason City.
Yes, there she is, proudly purveying her fried chicken stripettes with tequila slammers, Darla Storakk (an anagram of Kraktos!) says lil' brother Eddie (Kraktos' real name) had a raging appetite from day one. He ate from morning till night, becoming so big that he needed a winch to get him on the school bus. This led to a lot of bullying from which he never recovered, poor lil' fella."

SS: "You said it, Cap! He had a lot of issues!"

C: "Mee-yooowww!!"

B-B: "Blob blob blobbb!"

CS: "Hey, now, cool it, Bleep-Blorp! Enough with the fat jokes! Well, he got so big that one day he just simply took right off into the air like a blimp, into the ionosphere, higher and higher until he finally just started floating around in space, looking for his next meal. We figure if he ever does choose to eat the Earth, he'll start at The Gobbler's Roost! If he does, by golly, we'll be ready and waiting!"

SS: "You said it, Cap! Pass the deep-fried potato skins and a Jager bomb!"

C: "Meeeeee-oooo...ow."

B-B: "Blorp blop! Bleeb!"

CS: " Now Bleep-Blorp! I've told you before, Solar Sue does NOT have a drinking problem! She simply has trouble unwinding after a hard day's crimefighting in space! That, and her leg still gives her serious gyp."

Thanks, Captain Space and friends. Now we know more about Kraktos, we can rest a little easier at night.

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