Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Morn


I sat there in the restaurant in the very early morning hour of this Memorial Day looking at my recently freshened cup of coffee.

I reached for a couple creams, opened them and poured them into the cup. Then, in went a packet of sugar. I drew the cup closer to me, picked up my spoon and stirred everything together. Extracting the spoon and putting it on the table, I stared into my coffee, watching a tiny collection of bubbles caught in the whirlpool vortex I had created. They were captured in the very center of that whirling, clockwise venture, continuously moving but locked in position in the middle of my cup. I could see the steam from the coffee emanate up in ghostly swirls, mimicking the direction of motion before disappearing into the air.

As the spinning coffee lost its momentum, the bubbles slowed and attempted to escape their restraint. The exact center of the vortex was their safest place, however, equally confining them to the middle of the flow while constantly trying to pull them toward the outer edge of the cup itself. As motion receded and receded, the bubbles threatened even more to break free ... but it wasn't quite time yet.

It was a good minute and more I watched the contents of my cup, waiting to witness the bubbles' final break away. And then ... there it was. The swirling came to a crawl and - suddenly and with a frantic rush - the entire group of bubbles shot quickly to an edge of the cup's interior, violently colliding with other bubbles already there. None burst though - the ones in the middle simply crashed into the cup and commingled with the others.

I picked up my coffee and took a sip and sighed. It was good to sit and relax with a warm beverage on an early morning, free from any needs or callings of The Unbelievables. I had no idea where Jeff was. I had no idea where Clark was. I didn't know where any of the Unbelieva-Babes were. I had no knowledge of any of the whereabouts of our arch enemies.

All was calm and quiet. A rare day to reflect, indeed, on this Memorial Day morn.

And then? I got a call ...

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