Monday, November 4, 2013

Kip, The Mail Boy

It's no secret the super headquarters of The Unbelievables is housed in Stiletto Flats, Nevada.

And in all that time, there has been exactly one - ONE - postal employee who has handled mail for The Unbelieva-base. And, on the rare occasion, delivered it, too.

Kip. Kip the Mail Boy.

I befriended Kip when the base was being built ... or more properly, "renovated." He was slight, pale and introverted. (Clark didn't like him at the start because, during the time or three he made a special delivery, he blocked the drive, inevitably when Clark needed to head somewhere. Kip had the uncanny knack of getting in Clark's way.)

Kip had a way about him that encouraged you to want to get to know him. He was a good kid. Helpful. In fact, we were so taken by him, we fed his natural curiosity about the Unbelieva-Base when he asked, gave him tours and even promoted the place through him. He was our "unofficial spokesman" ... which confused the bejeebers out of our enemies.

Think about it: If you were our nemesis, wouldn't you think it odd we had a spokesman? Why in the world would anyone want to bring attention to a secret lair? (Well, for one thing, it's not such a secret lair, truth be told.)

More so, when you're that transparent about something, there's a natural dichotomy of the mind that questions "Are they hiding something?" while at the same time revealing see-through honesty some can't fathom.

And that was the genius of our plan ... the method to some of our madness.

Jeff and Clark have more to tell you about Kip. Clark might even unleash some of his anger issues about the boy.

Me? I'm happy go lucky with 'ole Kip.

I mean ... he's just The Mail Boy ... 

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