Friday, September 13, 2013

We Bust Moves ... Really

Since the guys have brought out some of our many musical "moves"  - some with The Unbelievatones, others misplaced with the hip hop stylings of James Todd Smith - I would be remiss if I didn't mention one of The Unbelievables' little known side notes, the history-making artist Marvin Young.

You might know Marvin Young better as ... "Young MC."

Yes ... that Young MC.

Our association with Marvin is far and wide. Regardless of the fact some think him a one-hit wonder, there are numerous career highs in which we were instrumental with him. For example? We introduced him to Tone Lōc where he collaborated with Lōc on his hits "Wild Thing" and "Funky Cold Medina". Our biggest accomplishment, however, lies in his 1989 hit "Bust A Move," a tune Clark, Jeff and myself instigated and inspired him to record ...

Yep. We were the motivation for this dance floor standard. 

But little has been revealed about our behind-the-scenes contributions where Young MC is concerned. We can't comment to his history with Delicious Vinyl (his original record label) nor can we state what we did to get that Best Rap Performance Grammy on his mantle for "Bust A Move." As a matter of fact, we'd look away if you quizzically asked if we were at all instrumental in his debut's U.S. platinum sales status, the Billboard 200 Stone Cold Rhymin'.

You can say this was one of the biggest hip hop success no one knows the truth about.

But ... we're okay with that.

I mean ... The Unbelievables are just three white guys. 

But ... with fa-shiz rhythm, yo ...

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