Saturday, April 13, 2013

UnbelievAlert: Where's Jeff ... ???

The darlings of critics everywhere and an influence to countless bands worldwide, XTC officially disbanded in 2005 with almost 30 years of musical excellence beneath their belts.

Over the course of their career, The Unbelievables (and especially Michael) have been huge fans of the band ... particularly so in the guise of
their psychedelic alter-egos The Dukes Of Stratosphear. (The Dukes' music was required stuff while "conducting business" at our respective Unbelieva-Pads.)

However, Jeff takes his love of the band just a bit further by emulating its leader, Andy Partridge. The composite photo above leaves no room for doubt about that fact. It's not only uncanny how much he looks like Andy, but in how much he apes his mannerisms as well. 

So ... where's Jeff now? On one of his clandestine XTC jaunts in an attempt to see what might be done to spur the members of the band back on board the production train. (The Unbelievables need a little fun in between fighting crime and looking fabulous, you know. This little quirk just happens to be Jeff's release. And the possibility of XTC being put back in the spotlight is a commendable one in our book.)

Stay tuned, Chalkhills and Children aficionados ... let's see how far Jeff gets ...

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