Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Black & White Lowdown (for real)

That Jeff! He's so wacky!

Can you believe those "guesses" he came up with on the photos posted earlier? Nothing could be further from the truth. (Actually, he only got one thing right about one of the photos; I'll note that below.)

Here's the actual truth, Ruth, about the mysterious black and whites we received ...

The above image is obviously an anti-Trump pep rally shot detailing secretive martial arts moves in the event Mr. Trump (or his followers) decide to flaunt their testosterone. The different modes of dress denote various levels of mastery.

The sailor above is not jealous, was not ripped off $50.00 for a 3" Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer tattoo nor is that "Millie O-Nair." He's simply some random sailor at a military social responding to the tatted dame when she forwardly asked him if he'd like to come on stage to see the realistic Mexican-American War inking on the inside of her right thigh. (Note the sailor gallantly doffing his hat in gentlemanly fashion.)

Here's where Jeff was right: This is an example of bowling pin dodging. But Jed Leapinski and "Jumpin" Jill Hatdrop aren't wearing the proper uniforms. And ... they're cheating by using the side rails.

This photo is actually a simulator developed by NASA back in the 60s to allow the blind the same care-free experience of Sunday driving as other regular folks ... without the damage or mayhem of a blind driver getting behind the wheel and actually driving.

The simulator - the "Pretend-O-Drive" - was innovative at the time and included realistic vehicle sounds and wind effects, a real working horn, dashboard cigarette lighter and removable driver door capable of accommodating a carhop who served burgers and malteds (for a small additional fee.)

See? Jeff couldn't have been more off base about those photos if he wanted to.

As to the reason behind providing us with the photos as well as who sent them in the first place, well ... that's a mystery I'm sure is forthcoming ...

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