Monday, November 3, 2014

Not So Fast...

Sorry folks. It seems that we have a problem. 

You see, that ugly dwarf-troll-child Henri Petit is at it again. 

No sooner do we thwart one of his twisted plans than he is back again with another stupid idea to take over the world - only this time, he's after your kids.

He has teamed up, apparently, with another failed master criminal - the fiendish Nick O'Teen, who was in the cigarette-peddling biz a few years back. Remember?

We all thought that we'd seen the back of O'Teen when we heard that none other than the Man of Steel had put paid to this villain's scheme.

But he's back - and Henri Petit (under the alias of Fritz) has teamed up with him to produce these evil cancer-sticks with which to tempt children.

I mean, COME ON!  We know it's you, Petit.
Why, I hear you cry? Simple. He reckons if he can get our children hooked on smoking huge unfiltered cigars and wreck their health, then the easier the Western world will be to conquer. You can't fight if you're gasping for breath and hacking up gobbets of phlegm all the time.

But fear not, citizens. We Unbelievables are on the case and will have this villain and his new chum rounded up and dealt with forthwith. Kids smoking cigars is something we simply will not put up with.

Michael and Clark will tell you more about our progress later on in the week. Meanwhile, we talked to Superman and let him know Nick O'Teen was on the loose again (we were hoping to maybe get a few tips from ol' Clark Kent about the malodorous O'Teen), but the news that a fiend he had spent a considerable amount of time pursuing thirty or so years ago was back in circulation sent him into a bit of a decline. 

So I don't guess we can rely on him for any help this week.

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