Friday, March 21, 2014

St. Patrick's Day? Accomplished.

Ah, yes ... the Irish St. Patrick's party. 

But of course the party boasted plenty of food. (You stick with the basics first and foremost at an Irish shindig hosted in Ireland lest the locals become restless.) 

... and drink ...

... and the usual party games to go along with (or promote) a festive social atmosphere ...

And, of course, there has to be a DJ.

Now ... you might think it wise to have one of the locals stand behind the turntables when in Ireland. But The Unbelievables know an opportunity when it presents itself. So ...

Yep. Furious D. Because nothing will start-startle a party than a DJ who comes directly out of left field. And Furious D was nothing less than that.

Dressed accordingly in blue (above, as is his signature) "D" had everyone scratching their heads right from the get-go. You start off with a little Lawrence Welk tune and play it out for 30 seconds - just enough for everyone "not in the know" to begin to get a little heated beneath the kilt, so to speak - and then put the kabosh on that nonsense by bringing it to a screeching halt with the likes of Tag Team's Whoomp! (There It Is) and House Of Pain's Jump Around. Then? The party was just this side of out of control.

Naturally, Laura and Marissa were the hit of the party in their get-ups. Especially on the dance floor. (Jeff sat out his dance moves - his bruised ankles were giving him problems ...) Clark was in his glory discussing the finer points of professional hockey to anyone who was willing to allow a bending of his/her ear (surprisingly, that was quite a few). Me? Well ... I introduced the throng to the first "No Trousers St. Patrick's Day" which, I am assured, is now an annual mid-March tradition. Enough said.

Amazingly, we were able to recreate this party photo during a break in the music:

See if you can see any differences in the following shot from the one above:

Pretty uncanny, isn't it? It's just what we do.

At the party's end, everyone got a green-tinged Krispy Kreme to munch. As the brood made its way out the door, we heard various choruses of Danny Boy wafting from up and down the lanes as everyone stumbled (and otherwise) home. (We're pretty certain most of them made it to their intended destinations, some with a little help from their friends.)

Was a good time had by all? Per the ladies who originally asked us, absolutely.

Thank you, Ladies!

Let's just say we convinced quite a few new friends to join us at our digs in Stiletto Flats for Cinco de Mayo this year. 

They're getting their passports in order right this very minute ...

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