Monday, July 4, 2016

Unbelievably Delicious

Things sure are heating up around here! Not only have our exploits been made into a video game, but a famous manufacturer of ice cream whose name shall for now be kept a secret (we don't want any industry 'moles' leaking secret recipes and so forth) have pitched us the idea of a limited-edition line of Unbelievable Ice Creams. They want us to come up with our best ideas for our flavours, so what we thought would be fun would be to describe our ideas to you this week and then you folks, our dear readers, can get to vote for your favourites. We each get to suggest three dynamite flavour combos for you and then you tell us what you want to see in an ice-cream cone.

The maufacturer (whom we shall refer to henceforth as 'Jen & Berries' just to make it easier on everyone)will then take our winning ideas and start to develop them into actual, real ice creams for public consumption. OK? Here are my three suggestions.

1. JEFF'S WHIPPED POTATO DELIGHT Mashed potato and roasted garlic (the caramelisation of the roasted garlic brings out the natural sugars) are the key ingredients here, folded into whisked egg and double Jersey cream, a touch of sugar and a pinch of basil. Spread out thinly and quick-frozen, then shaved and packed into tubs. Whaddya think?

2. UNBELIEVABANANA The idea for this one comes from my favourite cream-based cocktail recipe, The Banana Cow, which involves rum, grenadine, creme de banana and heavy cream. BOOM. Recipe? Why sure. It's a big favourite at our cocktail and weenie roast soirĂ©es.

3. BUTT-KICKIN' BUTTER PECAN Basically, butter pecan and butterscotch ice creams are swirled together with chunks of Butterfinger bars and Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, with a central core of salted butter and caramel. EMT's on standby for this one. Here's a mock-up of the carton.

Wednesday, Michael will present you his shortlist. Ciao!

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