Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Even More Unbelievably Delicious Delights

Oh, the ice cream. Who doesn't like the ice cream ... ??!!?

Guaranteed, you're going to LOVE my signature flavor ideas:

"Hot Chilly" Chocolate Chunk 

I remember the first time I caught wind of a chili-infused chocolate. I was immediately in love. I was also given a chili chocolate sauce in a gift pack one holiday. It was divine.

So?  << BOOM >>  Chocolate Chili ice cream. Our gourmets are concocting the perfect recipe as you read this. It will be all the rage for the discerning palate. You can't go wrong voting for this one.

Pants Off Dance Off Sherbet 

Look ... not everyone is an ice cream fan. They like the idea of ice cream but they can't indulge because of some lactose intolerance situation or another. The result? Sherbet. But not just any sherbet. A refreshing, light, tasty, exotic fruit sherbet that, at first taste, immediately tempts you back for more. To the point of you needing to get so comfortable you're going to want to doff your pants. Brilliant.

Lobster Rage Fist Delight 

Now, you wouldn't think lobster and ice cream would mesh. But our first rate confectioners have created a succulent, sweet, indescribable delight you couldn't ever imagine. (I've snagged some of the first tastes. It's different and delectable.) Perfect for the after dinner diner who thinks he's too posh to do ice cream.

Pow. Delights to tantalize, courtesy of yours truly. Coming soon to your local grocer and available for a limited time, this summer only. But ... you have to vote for them!

Fun Fact: None of us knew the others' creations so both Jeff and I are looking forward to Clark's confections come Friday.

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