Monday, February 1, 2016

Traffic advisory!

"Um, isn't traffic duty kind of beneath The Unbelievables?"
Normally, yes, of course. Traffic cops work hard and provide a valuable service. We don't waste our time with that kind of menial nonsense. Hard-working and valuable menial nonsense, but still.
However, this is a special circumstance. Because this is happening somewhere, wherever this is: 
If you travel the roads in this area (which we're not sure where this area is yet) you should not travel the roads in this area. Try your best to avoid doing so until we figure out what's going on. 

That woman is beautiful (at first, anyway) and those are unquestionably sweet dance moves. But turning into a monster who turns into a ball and knocks delivery trucks off the road and into a canyon is an inherently unsafe practice and an obvious inconvenience to the vendors and customers depending on the delivery of the goods in those trucks.
"Yes ma'am, your Unbelievables t-shirt is on back order. There was a problem in shipping. We're sorry"

We need to track down this young lady and/or monster and explain to her that this is simply a very bad idea.
Maybe not Jumbo-sized seafood buffet pinata bad, but pretty bad none the less.
Here's the twist that puts this case squarely within our wheelhouse; that woman looks familiar. especially to Michael and Jeff. As in, I'm pretty sure she was at some point "familiar" with Michael AND Jeff. Maybe at the same time! 


Find out later this week!

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