Friday, February 5, 2016

Jaded In The East And On The Up And Up

Honestly? My eyes glazed over on seeing Clark's little gif-y image of Talulah Mae Periwinkle a.k.a. Jade East. (And, yes ... that is certainly and without doubt Ms. East, in the flesh. As it turns out, that image? It's one of the dailies for the film she's starring in that got leaked to the public. And the public ate ... it ... up ...)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, Talulah Mae. The fun we had! The times we spent! The shenanigans we shenaniganned!

It did indeed break my heart when I discovered I'd had the wool pulled over my eyes by Ms. East long, long ago. Understand the unceremonious discovery your beau is a ne'er-do-well isn't an easy thing to swallow ...

But, in the interest of letting bygones be bygones, I've put that small chapter of my life behind me and I've forged on.

And, by forging on, I mean all the best to Talulah Mae on her new venture. I hear she's doing fairly well ...

The film is on schedule and on budget ... and in no small part due to the fact Talulah Mae has arranged payment to the entire film crew (and many of the actors and actresses) in a bevy of foo-foo waters and deodorants ...

Additionally, she's got a successful chain of restaurants at her disposal, so feeding the cast and crew is a whiz, too:

 All day buffet for $5.99?!? What a steal ... !!!
Plus rabrangoons ... !!! Score!

Wow! Carry out, too!
Perfect for when those action sequences run long
and everyone needs to remain on set ...

Talulah Mae's stunt doubles work up an appetite
after a long, hard day in front of the camera ...

And ... where to house everyone when the day's shoots are in the can? Where else but the luxurious Jade East Towers?

Speaking of leaked footage, I've come across a few exclusives from the set ...

Jade East: Ninja Warrior

Jade East: Seductress
(There's obviously some black & white sequences in the film)

Needless to say, just from the few pilfered stills from the set, this thing's gonna be a world-wide blockbuster.

Anyway ... from when I could find? There's no real underhandedness going on either on the set, at the studios or off site. As far as I can determine, everything is on the up and up. 

But you can bet The Unbelievables will be keeping our eyes Bankok way and aimed squarely at the on-going production of Attack Of The Pink Squid-Ball Woman just in case. 

Best of luck on your film, Talulah Mae. *sigh*

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