Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Labeling The Labeler

He stood triumphantly over us and said, "Neal... be four... The Labeler!". Actually, we can't be sure whether or not he used the words correctly, since they were spoken and not written, but based on what we'd already experienced, it's probably a good bet.

JEFF: "Before we get started with your inevitable defeat, we should probably call you The Mislabeler."
LABELER: "Attenting to minimalize myself by feminizing my name? Not cool in 2015, Unbeliva-politically-incorrects!"
MICHAEL: "No, he means 'mis' as in the prefix applied to various parts of speech, meaning 'ill,' 'mistaken,' 'wrong,' 'wrongly,' 'incorrectly,' or simply negating the word that follows, not 'Miss' as a title prefixed to the name of an unmarried woman or girl. Because that's what you're doing; mislabeling things"
LABELER: "Uh huh. This is where less intelligenter villains then me have maked a mistook. They engorge in conversationism with you and get confused. I'm two smart to foal for that!"
ME: "My goodness, your grammar is truly atrocious!"
LABELER: "Know moor speakingness! I'll let THIS do the talk!"
With that he pulled out his deadliest weapon...
How could we possibly defeat an evil maniac brandishing what my grandpa used to label his fishing tackle box??? Hopefully, Jeff has the answer Friday!

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