Friday, July 3, 2015

TV as a leisure activity? As if.

"What do The Unbelievables like to watch on TV?"

Like to watch? As in, a pastime? Something to do to relax during downtime?
Oh, Kip. Ha ha! You're such a useless moron.
Let me tell you something, Mail Boy. When you're an Unbelievable, there's no such thing as downtime. All your time is up. Up! You hear me, you sweaty, sniveling sausage casing stuffed with not only pork fat but weak and stupid as well? UP! UP! UP!!

TV, like anything else, is a tool we use. In my case, I use it to monitor the human condition, specifically, the people who say horrible things to other people. For over a decade beginning in the last '80s, it was these people:

Running pretty much concurrently was this group of World Champions...

A period of approximately seven years of relatively good behavior passed before this woman and her pinhead pals showed up...

Now, none of these people are engaging in what could be classified as "criminal activity", certainly not to the degree with which The Unbelievables would expect to get involved. So what's the point of monitoring this activity? I guess I just like it.
Oh, shut up, Kip.

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