Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Boob Tube Inspiration

A typical powerhouse.
(And, not so coincidentally, the meat and potatoes of the Unbelieva-Base)

"What do The Unbelievables like to watch on TV?" Kip The Mail Boy quipped long, long ago.

And as Jeff mentioned, there's not a lot of downtime for leisurely television viewing in our fast-paced schedules.

But, for me, where there is a moment or three, it's Looney Tunes cartoons. With the most enjoyable being the ones utilizing Raymond Scott's iconic musical composition "Powerhouse" as punctuation.

Why? That's pretty obvious when you view the video below:

You see, quite often a lot of the scenarios in the montage above have been incorporated into The Unbelivables' methodologies. (We personally enjoy and have used the final scene in the video of Sylvester huffing the barrel of gunpowder over the hills on some of our unwitting foes.

Bottom Line: Looney Tunes are not only enjoyable and frolicky but offer useful information for our endeavors.

See? Fun and educational ... all at our leisure. Makes television viewing appear worthwhile instead of a waste of time, doesn't it?

Incidentally, that was pretty much the clincher for Kip The Mail Boy joining our merry little crime-fighting (and gentlemanly) ranks. He knew he wasn't going to get a better education in all things us than, well ... with us.

P.S. We've used "Happy Birthday" on a number of no-gooders, too. It's a classic ...

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