Wednesday, April 22, 2015

What part of "Butt-kicking" do you not understand?

Of course, dressing for success is always a good idea...

But ultimately, while we always strive for being stylish, it's the butt-kicking that puts gravy on the potatoes.

Here. certified Unbelieva-Babe Mary Parker shows me (under my training video name of Lou Leonard) a tiny sample of exactly how that works as Jeff and Michael sit on the sidelines, awaiting the opportunity to take their charges through the wringer.

I say a tiny sample because an Unbelieva-Babe has to be able to do more than defend herself against mashers in disturbingly short shorts and sleeveless t-shirts; she may find herself facing off against assassins, henchmen, ninjas, goons, lugs, brutes, robots, sea monsters, zombies or worse, and we may not be around to help. An Unbelieva-Babe has to be able to open her own jar of pickles, if you get my meaning.
So put some jaunty supper music on the HiFi, get yourself some beefcake to jostle you around and follow this video precisely.
Or be the next Monica Lewis.
Yeah, you'll have a better chance trying to follow the video.


  1. A chick in heels can take care of Lou Leonard aka Clark Brooks.

    What are the odds ... ???