Monday, April 20, 2015

So ... You Want To Be An Unbelieva-Babe ...

Time and again we've mentioned there is no admission into the lofty ranks of Unbelievability ... not as an Unbelievable at any rate.

However, if you have a hankering to become an Unbelieva-Babe, well ... that's an entirely different situation all together.

First, there's the necessary need to keep fit ...

There's plenty of basic crime-fighting skills to be learned, both book smart learning and street smart learning, regardless of the fact the gals aren't expected to tangle with any bad guys. (It never hurts to learn ...)

Those two areas alone can be daunting. And if they are, it's wise stop right there. Because that's only scratching the surface.

There's so, so much more. 

Of course as previously mentioned, there's no competing with the ultimate Unbelieva-Babe Monica Lewis. But ... there are ways to "get in good" with The Unbelievables to reach that seemingly impossible Unbelieva-Babe status. 

Clark and Jeff will provide further details.

But be warned: You best be careful what you wish for ... 

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