Monday, April 27, 2015

They love us in Singapore

Sometimes when we help people out, they're so grateful that they want to pay us some kind of tribute. Often, that takes the form of some artistic expression. Sculptures, paintings, interpretative dance. Sometimes, it's a song. Like this one, the most beautiful song ever sung. Written and performed by the great Chen Tianwen, who puts the "Sing" in Singapore, I can honestly say that nothing has brought a tear to my eye the way this song has.

Thank you so much, Singapore. And yes, we will ALWAYS be the coffee table to your sofa! I mean, we're not girls, or one single girl, but we appreciate all the wonderful sentiments expressed in this song and video.
Um...yeah. Okay. Sure. That's nice too, we guess.

Hey, let's see if my colleagues can share any good tribute stories with you. I'm sure they have some doozies.

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