Saturday, September 20, 2014

Rip Off

Both Clark's post this week and Jeff's exhaustive effort pretty much told the stories of the blatant ripoffs we Unbelievables shoulder.

I don't have much to add with the two of them having worked that history to a froth.

But ...

... there are a couple they left out I'll mention ...

Trust me: It wasn't bingo. It was an innocent game of Twister during last year's gala after New Year's shindig we threw for a few friends and associates. (Hokay ... it was a "clothing optional" game of Twister, truth be told.) But look what they did: Some yahoo took a consensual party game and turned it into some heinous fabrication involving addiction, prostitution and personal loss. *yeesh* 

Where they come up with this stuff I haven't a clue. Talk about imagination ...

Now, this one ... well ... there's a lot of truth to "Rat In The Skull." Rog Phillips' story was pretty much dead on. Eerie and hair-raising, too. Rog is an acquaintance of ours and caught wind of the idea from a brain-shaped Jello mold we had lying around as we were preparing to decorate the Unbelieva-Base for Halloween some years ago.

The after story of the entire ordeal is this: Someone at the ASPCA eyed an old copy of "If Science Fiction" at a thrift store and decided to use it as a company-wide agenda on the cruelty to animals. Huh, buoy.

But the thing is: 1) They're just rats and they're pretty disgusting creatures, and; 2) No rats were harmed in the least. Because it was all completely fabricated! When someone wants to take off and run with something, you better have your best sneakers at the ready.

Questions? I didn't think so.

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