Friday, September 5, 2014

Perks? Yeah, right.

On Monday, Jeff was downright excited about the freebies we receive from various benefactors.
On Wednesday, Michael was kind of confused about some of them.
Today, I'm downright annoyed by a few.

That's because some (much) of what is presented to us as gifts are actually attempts to freeload an endorsement from us.

The two underwear designers who gave us these swell boxers expected us to promote their line of swim fins. Nice try, bozos. It takes a better effort than that for The Unbelievables to present your product in a catalog ad.

We've had people pitch us some wacky invention ideas but why this police officer thought we'd be interested in a case of his "window-safe" bullets is beyond all of us.
I like the name, but when are we supposed to wear these? When we pursue hackers across the World Wide Net? The Unbelievables don't cyber-surf, Charlie.
Sometimes, I think people just want to make us look silly. I mean, who eats pasta without a nice sauce?
All right, that's just... No. No, thank you. And why did you send us 287 of them? That's almost TOO GROSS!

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