Monday, August 25, 2014

Sometimes, less is more

Clark & Jeff with dining companions. Not pictured: third wheel.

We, as a team of three, are badasses.
Everybody knows that.
Sometimes however, it suits us to pare down and pair off. In other words, we're actually more effective with fewer members (so to speak). The most obvious example is that it's much easier to get a table for four than a table for six at most swanky uptown establishments. But beyond that, some situations call for one of us to stay back at headquarters or in a van, drinking cold coffee and monitoring the situation via radio, if not sitting things out entirely. That's because our individual skill sets sometimes work best in a 50/50 ratio rather than 33/33/33. Consider this:
Clark = violent
Michael = naked
Jeff = British
Infiltrate an underground S & M circuit? Me and Michael.
Go undercover at a fancy dinner with international dignitaries present? Jeff and Michael
Beat up a bunch of dirty hippies? Me and Jeff

You get the idea. I'm sure Jeff and Michael can cite other examples where it takes two to make a thing go right.

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