Monday, August 18, 2014

Fall Approacheth

"There's a brand new dance
but I don't know its name
That people from bad homes
do again and again ..."
- Fashion, David Bowie

Yes ... that time of year is headed for us quickly.

Labor Day Weekend.

Less than two weeks away, it heralds the all-important call for fashion hints of Fall. Yes, summer is still in full swing, but it doesn't hurt to think about preparing the sweaters and jackets and scarves and other adornments which will usher in the inevitable cooler temperatures. Don't worry though - there are still plenty of sunshiny days left in the year. You have plenty of time.

Of course I can still get away with crocheted shorts for a while longer. No one wears them quite the same way I do. It's not just anyone who can pull them off, you know ...

But we thought we'd put a bug in your ear, a little niggle as a courtesy reminder about fashion change. While the (official) last day to wear white comes knocking at the door, The Unbelievables thought it might be a good idea to toss around a couple "do" and "don't" notations regarding clothing configurations ...  

It's your last chance to don classic summer swimwear. Just do it.

And while there's nothing wrong with a "classic" look, remember gentlemen:
Remove those unsightly tags.

As the summer days wane don't forget: No socks with sandals. Period.
Cooler weather means time to store this type of footwear until next year.
No one gets away with this look.

Don't even think about it ...

Same goes for the ladies. This "trend" failed long ago.

You might get away with this in the far climes of Alaska. Or Siberia.
Feel free to express yourself like this after you move there.

Conan tried "jeggings" once and promptly fell on his face, metaphorically speaking.
That lesson has been learned.

Practical for attracting blind porcupines, maybe, but little else.

No reptiles on sweaters. Ever.

We get that you have love for your particular brand of cartoon character.
But you don't have to express it in public.

From the failed Chestburster Collection of 1979
when the film Alien was all the rage.

Yes, The Unbelievables are into recycling.
But we're only willing to go so far ... 

Fall is coming. This won't work for Fall.
(Or Winter. Or Spring. Or Summer.
Or morning. Or Sunday brunch. Or ever for that matter.)

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